• This protocol is for use by those individuals operating in and under the authority of the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council (GMVEMSC) Drug Bag Exchange Program and certified by the State of Ohio as an Advanced EMT. You may not use new protocol until you have passed both the skills check-off and CBT.

  • This protocol is to be used in the field only. Communications must be attempted as soon as practical for potentially unstable patients or for hospitals that request contact on all patients being transferred to their facility.

  • Procedures that are marked with a diamond (♦) are never to be performed without Medical Control Physician (MCP) permission.

  • No procedures, techniques, or drugs will be used without the proper equipment, or beyond the training or capabilities of the prehospital personnel. Nothing in this protocol may be used without specific pre-approval of the Medical Director for the local department or agency.

  • It is the recommendation of the Standing Orders Committee that departments be able to access the humeral head via IO in the adult population.

  • It is recommended to use filtered needles when drawing up any medication from an ampule.

  • Items enclosed in braces ({ }) are at the option of the department and its Medical Director.

  • EMS personnel of any level are not authorized to intubate unless they have and use appropriate confirmation devices (EtCO2 detectors or monitors, or Esophageal Detection Devices).

  • Any patient in respiratory distress on oxygen or whose O2 sats indicate a need for oxygen, shall remain on oxygen until care is transferred to the hospital.

  • Any patient being monitored for a significant cardiac event or EtCO2 shall remain on the monitor until patient care is transferred to hospital staff. In addition, a summary report shall be provided from any device capable of printing one.

  • Infrequently, stepwise adherence to specific protocols may not be in the patient’s best interest. No protocol can substitute for the EMS professional’s judgment. However, at no time should treatment options exceed those authorized without direct consultation with Medical Control. In all such cases, contact with Medical Control should be considered as soon as possible.

  • The Adult and Pediatric Orders (“Peds”) are combined.
    A Sections that apply only to Adults are bulleted with a bold “A.”
    All Pediatric treatments will be in Pink and bulleted with a bold “P.”

  • Sections which apply to both Adult and Peds are indicated with standard bullets.
    G There are a few sections which apply only to Geriatric patients and are bulleted with a bold “G.” 

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