• If glucose < 60, or there is strong suspicion of hypoglycemia despite glucometer readings:
    A  Administer D10, 250 ml at wide open rate, (250 ml = 25 g of Dextrose)
    P  D10 (5 ml/kg), maximum single dose of 250 ml.
    P  For newborn, D10, 2 ml/kg if BS < 40.
    • Document amount of D10 administered in mls.

    • If unable to establish vascular access, Glucagon, 1 mg IM.

    • D10 may be repeated in ten minutes if blood sugar remains < 60.

  • Maintain normothermia. Unconscious diabetics are often hypothermic.

  • In a diabetic patient with an insulin pump and a glucose < 60, treat the hypoglycemia.

NOTE:  Take extra tubing and medication reservoir or vials to the receiving facility for patients with insulin pumps.
             For a diabetic patient with an insulin pump who is hypoglycemic, treat the hypoglycemia.

NOTE: Oral glucose is indicated for any conscious but disoriented patient with BS < 60, or a strong suspicion of hypoglycemia despite blood sugar readings. Oral glucose may be administered carefully under the tongue or between the gum and cheek of an unresponsive patient who must be placed in the lateral recumbent position to promote drainage of secretions away from the airway.


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